Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bloggity, blog blog....

Ok, so blogging daily is out. Sorry folks, my life is way to boring busy full. It's probably going to be a two-three time a week ordeal. Mamavation Mondays are essential and maybe one or two more. Ok, so I have modified my New Year's resolution from blogging daily, to blogging weekly. But at least I'll be blogging!

I am so excited! My new point and shoot camera should be here today. All you prophotogs know what I'm talking about when I say hauling around a DSLR is a big ol' pain in the rear. My friend, Shannon, said she had this camera. After searching and remembering my friend Christi had this camera and I opted for the latter. My old P&S had not died when my sweet hubby bought my Christmas present. He got me the cute little Panasonic HD palm video camera, and remember my saying I wanted a digital video camera. It was a cute little thing and I was totally disappointed when my P&S died JUST before Christmas and JUST before he gave me the other one. So he sweetly said I could return it to Amazon and get a P7S that had HD vid. Adding my free Amazon gift cards I earned from here and my Christmas money from a few sources, I was able to get it. One of the things I love about this camera is it's manual and RAW shooting capabilities since I am a, self proclaimed, camera control freak! It also has manual video camera settings where you can control the Aperture and Shutter Speed of the vid. AND it has 18x zoom you can use DURING video! I am STOKED! I am so excited to have a new "mama" camera! YAY! Of course I'll still use my pro camera for their portraits, etc. But am just THRILLED to have something to carry around for day to day use!

EDIT: My camera had not arrived when I typed my blog for today, but at 10:45am my doorbell rang and sure enough, it was my camera! YAY! Talking about FAST! I paid for the item yesterday afternoon around 2:30pm and it was here less than 24 hours later! YAY Amazon!

In other news, the new book I have been reading is about home management for homeschooling mothers in a book called "Managers of Their Homes" from Titus 2 ministries. Oh WHAT a blessing it has been to my heart! It deals with managing your time from a Godly perspective and how to be a blessing to your husband, children and home through what you schedule for the day. I am about halfway through the book and have already implemented some of the scheduling techniques with A2, A3 and A4. So far so good! Ava is napping on time, etc...and I am enjoying all three being down at the same time. It's giving me some much needed "me" time to either nap, have some computer time, etc. I HIGHLY recommend this book to ANY mom homeschooling with several children at home!

Another project on the home front is a little decorating project for my living room. I am super excited about it and found a WHOLE BUNCHA items at Goodwill yesterday I am going to paint/resurface, etc for said project. Watch for some posts coming up to show a little sampling of what I'm doing!

Also, I am taking recommendations for some recipes that are diet-ish eatable healthy and can still be fed to my entire family. If you have any suggestions or links, feel free to leave a comment!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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