Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4 of 2011!!

Have I mentioned that Alissa LOVES to spin/swing/jump? Well, she does. She has ALMOST outgrown the weight limit for her jumper, but insists on still getting in it first thing in the morning and right after nap. It's almost like it's become her wake up routine. She typically hollars "MEMEEEEE" for Barney to be turned on and she jumps/spins away through one episode. Sometimes she spins and jumps, other times she just spins. Sometimes she even closes her eyes almost as if to enhance the effect of the spinning.

Yeah, I hear spinning is the equivalent of "CracK" for babies. Who cares...she'll out grow it soon. Here she is in action...note the way she uses her leg to propel herself much like an ice skater does. Too bad we don't live near an ice rink where she could take lessons!


  1. i'm putting Mc's jumper back up...RIGHT NOW!!

  2. Haha! She is so precious! I love the video!