Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day two of 2011

I'm catching up on the first few days of the year. My feeble brain is so pathetic that I am having a hard time remembering a few days ago!

Were SUPPOSED to go Longleaf Church, as we do most Sundays. But Matt and I both woke up very tired from the holidays and from him working the "end of the year sale" at work. So, we slept in. After a very late breakfast we decided to "run" to Lowe's. I use the term "run" loosely. You don't "run" anywhere with a 3.5 year old, 15 month old and 3 month old. But much to Matt's chagrin, we went with him and I classified it as "family time". ::insert snicker:: The middles, Aslan: A2 and Alissa: A3 were getting mighty close to naptime so Matt was apprehensive that we'd make it home before one or both fell asleep in the car. And if you have kids that are very schedule driven, you understand what a 5 min catnap in the car will do! So off to Lowe's we went!

(please excuse the following pics, as they came from my cell.)

So what does one do with an almost 4 year old when the cart is full with his baby sisters and he has no where to be contained? You send him running the aisles so that you wear his fanny out so he naps well. He thought it was a game when in actuality it was to keep him distracted so Matt could think without the sweet but constant chatter and list of questions from A2.

And after 30 min of this, he decided this was the best place for him:

As for the girls, A3 had a great time watching her bubba run for a while. Then she grew weary of just sitting doing nothing. And other than calling every other man who walked by "JJ" (what she calls Matt's dad) she did this:

As long as we were in motion she was happy, as was A4:

All in all it wasn't a horrible trip to Lowe's. We did have some family time and when we got back Matt started building our storage shelves in the garage to help with pantry space. I am so excited! He has tripled my pantry space and it looks good, too! YAY for handy, perfectionistic husbands!

And randomness....did I mention I have a new haircut?? Yep:

More randomness...look how cute she is when I dress her like a rocker chick after pulling her hair out of a bow and seeing a fauxhawk!

And how about my baby girl's blue eyes???

LOVE them.

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