Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 of 2011!!

At our house, we love to vacuum! And not just mommy, either! (Though I am becoming a habitual vacuum/steam mopping fool as of late because of the new 'to me' addition of a Rainbow Sweeper and my Haan steam mop!)

Alissa used to have a horrific fear of our vacuum because of the loud noise. Not only was she afraid of it, but she'd scream/run/jump away from me and get as far away from said vacuum and I as possible. One day I decided to "Flood" her by letting her play with the purple kitchen sweeper and turning it on mid "vacuum" so it surprised her. She wigged out for about a second and a half and then proceeded to vacuum the ENTIRE kitchen with it. She loves it so much that we gave Alissa her own Dirt Devil Jr in bright pink. She loves it. She hasn't been afraid of any of the vacuums since. I love this especially because I LOVE using my new Rainbow and she just follows me around with hers now instead of screaming and running!

Alissa and I aren't the only ones who love it. Aslan used to be equally afraid of the vacuums til he saw Alissa get over her fear. No flooding was needed for him, as he saw Alissa wasn't going to die or get sucked up by the sweeper. He is now equally infatuated with the vacuums and I love that he loves to "clean" mama's kitchen floors now!

And yes, my children love to live in mismatched jammies, thank you very much! They pick them out themselves and to be honest, most days we LIVE in our jammies if we don't leave the house!

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