Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh my stars....HE IS FOUR!!!! And he's MINE!!!

Where does time go? I am so far behind blogging that it isn't funny. Add to it that I was in the hospital on A2's birthday and that I have yet to do his 4 year portraits and I feel like a total loser of a mom! But I have to remind myself that my days are full of loving on these babies and extra stuff isn't always top on the list.


My sweet boy, we fondly call A2 on chore charts, etc; turned 4 on March 2! WHEN did he change from this:

to this:

and from this:

to this last year:

to these recent snapshots:


My sweet boy is into everything. We are learning Bible verses in our morning homeschool quiet time. He is really good with "Love is Patient and Love is kind" 1 Corinfians tirteen four (spelled like he says it). He is learning his letters and numbers and talks up a blue streak around here. He is a loud little booger...after I asked the ENT today about his hearing, he said "it's's just the Y chromosome talking!" to which I had to laugh. He is all boy and is rough and tumble. Except with his sisters. He turns into pure mush and just wants to love on, kiss on, and protect his girls, as he calls them.

A2 has an amazing ability to retain lyrics to songs. He can hear a song once or twice and can sing it back to you. My favorite one was when I caught him singing "Our God is greater, Our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other. Our God is healer, awesome in power....our God....Our God..." Yes. Word. FOR. WORD. I am amazed. I can't wait to get my piano up here and start him playing. He has skills.

Talking about skills, the boy can flip. Like, literally. My dad gave the boys a trampoline for Christmas and when I first put him on it, he freaked OUT because he couldn't get his legs under him. We made him work through his fear, now it's his favorite place to be in the yard. The boy can do handless cartwheels and flips where he ALMOST lands on his feet again. Dude blows me away. It's so cute that Alex (A4) teaches him all the moves and Aslan gives credit to A4 saying "mom, Alex taught me how to flip!! I CAN DO IT!!!".

A2 is turning into a little man around the house as well. He does his chores MOSTLY without complaint and with a good attitude. He helps keep his room clean, moves the laundry from the dryer to my bed, keeps the living room picked up and collects the small trash bags throughout the house. All of this he does daily. I love how diligent he is becoming with his work.

He LOVES Garfield the cat, much to the joy of Aunt Gay (Matt's aunt). She works for Garfield the Cat's creator in marketing and always has goodies for the boys. He gets his words crossed up when talking about Garfield's movie "Pet Force". He crosses the sounds in "Fun Fest" (another Garfield movie) and so when he asks to watch "Pet Force" it comes out "Fart Force". He doesn't realize what he is saying and it is so funny (considering fart isn't a word we allow them to use in conversations).

He also loves his extended family. He ADORES going to DH's grandparents to visit and spend the night and LOVES when he sees Grandma W. He adores my parents (nana and papa) and DH's parents (DD and JJ) and he talks about Memaw (J's mom) all the time! He loves for his dad to visit and always looks forward to time with family.

A2 is never short on hugs and kisses for mom and LOVES to get in the floor to play with daddy. He is all about doing what A1 does and loves to teach A3 how to play pretend in her kitchen. Every single morning when I get A3 up, A2 runs to her and wants to cover her in kisses. It's a must.

With his favorite kiddos in the world:

He is a child of much compassion and a love for worshipping Jesus. He LOVES going to Waumba Land at church and counts the days until Sunday rolls around again. I love his teachable spirit and every day I get to spend as his mom!

Oh big boy, you make my heart do cartwheels, I love watching you grow and learn and love. You are my favorite 4 year old and I am so blessed to call you mine!!


  1. What a sweet post and such a sweet boy! (he was an adorable baby!!)

  2. I love that little "russell man"! You capture him and his "essence" so well in pictures!

  3. Oh Lori, he is adorable!!! I can't believe he is already 4. Where does the time go!