Thursday, December 1, 2011

1000 Gifts...can I have the book, please?

So after my finding this blog and doing some reading on her blog, I discovered her book 1000 Gifts.

Yeah, I'm a sap. I cried after reading the Letter from Ann about the book. So, could someone out there please buy me the book? I'm saving up for the book.

I struggle with keeping up with life sometimes. People have a misconception about me, that I'm "always on Facebook" or "always on my phone". But that's not true. I may pop online for 2 minutes to post something cute about the kids or a question or a picture. But no. My online time is limited. If I blog, it's at night after kids are in bed while 'M' watches a gun show or showers.

But I digress.

The point is, I have a hard time finding the little blessings everyday like a lot of busy moms do.

So, I downloaded the #1000gifts app on my iPhone and will try and be more intentional in my gratitude.

I'll occasionally post one of my gifts on the blog. Otherwise you can find it on Twitter (message me on how to follow me) or on Facebook.

Here's a snapshot (again, with the iPhone as all of the #1000gifts pics will be):

A little kitchen helper. A4 is always underfoot when I'm cooking. It touches my heart!...shared via the #1000gifts

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